When can I drop off?

We are available for drop offs Monday-Friday 11am-1pm.   If you require a different time or a Saturday, please contact us and we will accommodate you if feasible.

How do you price?

We price by volume, so once we’ve seen how much you have then we’re able to quote an accurate price. No minimum charge applies for drop offs, so this is the most economical route for small jobs.

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Can I watch you shred my stuff?

Yes, you can. Just note that it takes more time and if there are customers ahead of you there will be some wait time

What about paper clips, staples, etc?

Anything that normally fastens paper together is fine. Metal that can be bent with your fingers is fine. Hardened metals like alan wrenches and the spare nuts and bolts that are often taped to owners manuals can cause thousands of dollars of damage so please don’t empty your files indiscriminately.

Where do I drop off?

Our Burnet Rd. location – We’re in the Burnet Rd Business Park. Google maps may lead you wrong, especially if you’re coming from the south!  The only entrance to our section of the business park is at the intersection of McNeil Rd and Burnet Rd.  If it tells you anything else that’s wrong. There are 3 rows of buildings, we’re in the one closest to Longhorn Drive and McNeil Rd, not the row with the canoes and kayaks.

9705 Burnet Road, Suite 604
Austin, Texas 78758

Call or text: (512)330-9900


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A-Tex Shredding
9705 Burnet Rd STE 604
Austin, TX 78758